AirUps was born out of necessity for higher quality bunkers. was founded by Brent Davis. Before manufacturing paintball bunkers, he owned and operated a successful paintball field in Midland, Texas for 3 years.  
After customers kept asking him to get inflatable bunkers, he​ quickly saw how inferior the quality of the bunkers was but also how expensive they were. He was convinced he could make them better. So he decided he would make his own set, and the rest was history. was BORN!

Evolution of AirUps Quality


Brent knows first hand what his customers want. He also wanted the best bunkers for his field and he didn't want to spend much time or money maintaining them. He knew that would mean lost time and lost revenue for his business. In the process of manufacturing paintball bunkers, he slowly improved every weakness he discovered.  He was sure to test them in normal situations as well as some unconventional ways. See VIDEOS for proof!


So to make a long story short here's product evolution of quality.

  • From cheap flimsy vinyl,>>> to Heavy-Duty reinforced Vinyl.

  • From glued small seams >>> to 1.5-inch heat welded seams

  • Plain D-Ring attachment >>> to AirUps Patented RF welded D-Ring Pads

  • Small tie-downs >>> to Super Anchoring Tie Downs

  • Smaller Plug Nozzle >>> to Super Fast AirUp nozzles